JPIN Travel Offers Appreciation Cruise For Valued Customers

JPIN Travel Group Cruise Survey

If you?ve seen our ?About Page? picture, it might give the impression we love to cruise. We not only love it ? we’re avid fans. We have actually worked in the travel industry. Before coming on board with Collective Goods we sold travel, mostly cruises. That?s why?JPIN Travel?was a perfect add on feature for us. We also think it’s a perfect fit for our customers.

How ’bout doing a Group Cruise with your peers?

As JPIN Travel launches it’s new affinity cruise, we are taking a quick survey of what our valued Collective Goods customers would like to see offered coming up in the summer of 2019.

This quick survey found here, would enable us to appeal to the greatest number of our valued customers. Likewise, it would help us reserve the maximum space. This is a Collective Goods Customer Appreciation Cruise, and believe it or not, the cruise industry offers plenty of options.

This type of affinity group would not only be a lot of fun, but also save customers money during the summer months. The larger the group, the more money saved. Let?s face it, one of the great parts about working with schools are the summers off. That means there is plenty of time to let our hair down, rest, relax, and vacation. We do it too, and we take full advantage of this time to travel and explore.

As soon as we get enough data to find out what appeals to most, we?ll organize and set up a page to reserve your spot on in what we consider ? ?the best vacation money can buy?.

Deposits are nominal, and we’ll have almost the entire school year to save up!

Given enough interest, other amenities such as a private party or even a private shore excursion could be scheduled just for this group.

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