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Woke up this morning, looked at our online orders that we’ll spend the morning processing and got curious. Sure enough, JPIN Supply just broke another monthly sales record. (And we still have 10 more days to go in the month of October.)

We’ve been building and tinkering with websites like JPIN Supply and organic search for over a decade now. All self taught. Every new iteration, new platform, and new domain, has been a true labor of love and each has come with new heights and rewards.

Each site has been extremely satisfying in their own way.

We struggled with this particular reconstruct because it meant giving up 5 years worth of links, rankings, and search engine credibility. All internet gold when it comes to the World Wide Web.?TheBookPeopleBlog founded in August 2011 was a seismic shift in marketing from an opportunity based to a product based idea. It’s first post, or product however, showed how viral a product can become. To this day, 8 years later, we still get inquiries for The Bad Hair Day Paper Clip Holder.

JPINSupply July to October Sales

The switch to JPIN Supply in August 2017, was a complete overhaul, including a complete rebrand and domain name change. The rewards however, far outweighed the risk. The internet and technology is changing at such a rapid pace that what worked even 5 years ago is almost completely obsolete. This transformation gave us far more control and flexibility to roll with the changes. Always the student, we can try new things. implement new techniques, tweak and play to our hearts content.

More importantly, we’ve established a “brand”. Our own identity in one of the most level playing fields available – The World Wide Web. An opportunity to expand and reach far beyond our wildest expectations. There is nothing more neutral than the Net – you just have to learn how to play the game. The way you play may change as technology advances and search engines refine and adjust as the field gets bigger and bigger.

With constant study and learning, we’re still just as passionate today as we were back then. It certainly helps when you see the fruits of your labor and proportions of growth we’re experiencing. This transformation has been nothing short of dramatic for this little “Mom and Pop” shop.

It’s been a bona fide American Dream come true.

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