Gum Springs Elementary Sets New #1 Book Blast Record

Books Are Fun Book Blast

More than 7000 books will be opened by Gum Springs Elementary students in a school wide Books Are Fun Book Blast Literacy Program Event. Books will help build student home libraries.

Jefferson, GA — 12/12/2022 — Gum Springs Elementary students will break a national record opening more than 7000 books in a school event located at 600 Gum Springs Church Road, Jefferson, GA 30549 on Monday afternoon at 2:00PM. On average, students will receive 6.8 books each, which they have earned for their personal home libraries.

The “Book Raiser” is part of a new national program created by Books Are Fun which is designed to encourage literacy and lifelong reading for Elementary School students.  “Book Blast” is free to the school and guarantees at least one new hot title for each student, regardless of participation.

“Gum Springs is a new book record in our young program for one school.” said Doug Bauknight, Regional Sales Manager for Books Are Fun / Collective Goods who services 28 Counties in the North Georgia area including Jackson County.

Positive Student Impact
Jackson County Elementary students started building home libraries this fall with age-appropriate titles for each reading level. “Of the 6 Jackson County Elementary Schools 5 have done Book Blast this fall. To date, over 4000 Jackson County students have earned more than 23,000 books to build home libraries in Jackson County.” said Bauknight. “East Jackson Elementary will complete the entire County and is scheduled for January 2023.”

“We heard about the Treasure Maps and excitement from other schools, but this is amazing!” said Tracy Kofke, Media Specialist at Gum Springs. “The real treasure is seeing these kids excited about books.” In all, North Jackson Elementary, West Jackson Elementary, South Jackson Elementary, Maysville Elementary, and Gum Springs Elementary have averaged more than five books per student through this groundbreaking “Book Blast” literacy program.

Book Blast Availability
Books Are Fun Book Blast is open to all Elementary Schools across the United States. Founded in 1989, Books Are Fun has serviced teachers and adult staff via events held schools across the country. Book Blast now focuses on the students to help them catch up after school closings due to the Covid pandemic since the Spring of 2020. The company has leveraged its 30 plus year working relationship with publishers. Together they have curated a 10-book list from Pre-K through 8th grade for each reading level with the guidance of Principles and Media Specialist input from across the country.


Gum Springs Elementary is located at 600 Gum Springs Church Road, Jefferson, GA 30549 in the United States and is part of the Jackson County School System. Books Are Fun, LTD is headquartered in Broomfield, CO and works with an Independent Sales Force around the county.

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