Who is Collective Goods – Exactly? (We Get It All The Time…)

Who is Collective Goods - Exactly? A Surprising Approach To Shopping.

It’s a very common question – “Who is Collective Goods, exactly?” While the name may be new to most, many may be familiar with the name Books Are Fun. While a lot has changed, including the name, many of the core people and the owners remain the same.

We’re asked “Who is Collective Goods” all the time because it’s such a unique and cool service and business model. Likewise, it’s intriguing that we just “pop up” everywhere.

Several years ago, the company came up with a slogan, “We bring the store to you” – which truthfully, is Collective Goods in a nutshell. Today we call them “Flash Sales”. The reality is, we bring out a display of about 25 items, set them up in a common area, (break room, mail room, lunch room) and let the staff take a look at the items and place an order either on our paper form or our new App. The display is usually there for about a week.

After a week, we come back, loaded with the same products and fill the orders. And we do this all over the country. In all, the company reaches over 55,000 schools, and 17,000 corporate locations.

But it gets better…

We give back too. In all the company has raised more than half a billion dollars in cash and product donations to support the local communities we service. The cash or products can be used in any way they wish. A charity that’s close to their heart. A new playground for the school. The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

Truthfully, we love what we do. There’s really nothing like it. Everyone’s happy to see us when we walk in the door, and the product we sell actually sells itself. It’s cool product at a great value.

That’s Collective Goods.


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