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What’s in a name? Everything – right? So why on earth would we pick JPIN Supply? We are a student of internet business and commerce. For the most part, it’s a topic that has fascinated us for years. We’ve actually researched names like Google, Amazon, and eBay. While we’re certainly not the giants of today’s e-commerce platform, we’ve enjoyed this journey and continue to climb the ladder of success and stake our claim in the American Dream.

JPIN Supply is short for Just Picture It Now, a name and a company that launched our dream of being an entrepreneur. Once this rocket of desire was ignited, we never lost sight of the idea of the American Dream. We’ve learned, we’ve adjusted, we’ve grown along this 20 year journey and have basked in its labor of love.

Just Picture It Now has been our driving force. We’ve held that picture in our mind, expanding our desires and staying focused on what we DO want out of this journey. Along the way, we picked up our tag line, “If you had more money and more time…What would YOU do?” Again, a reminder to stay focused on the dream and not get bogged down in the failure (which are actually learning experiences) and struggles (which are actually growing pains) of achieving your purpose and passion in life. Today, when we put it all together, it’s daily reminder. “Just Picture It Now. If you had more time and more money…What would YOU do?” Sweet Dreams Pillow CaseWhen launched 20 years ago, we had no idea what we were doing. Nor did we have any idea how to get to where we are today. The name was actually born from an idea of personal pictures on hats, mugs, pillow cases, even underwear. It was going to be YUGE! At the time however, marketing wasn’t was it is today, nor was the technology (or financial investment) available to make it happen. Later, the name was transformed with an internet travel company. One of the biggest leaps of growth in our experience and journey. The company surrounded us with others with the same dreams and passions. It was a time and place where other like minds were freely sharing ideas, programs and sources to help us attain our dreams. Not only did we find our tag line here – it’s were we found personal growth as a key to our success.

Each iteration, each venture, gave us tools and knowledge that have been invaluable. With each attempt, even the massive flops and short lived ideas, something was learned along the way to keep us in pursuit of the next step in our journey.

Just Picture It Now – and ONLY Picture It Now. That’s been our focus – our driving force. It’s taken a while to come into focus. That fuzzy dream 20 years ago continues to come into focus making it clear that it’s not just about business growth and success. Equally, it’s about personal growth and success. Being the being we were born to be. There are those who were born to be entrepreneurs. Some are made. It really doesn’t matter which category one falls into – there is most certainly a path for both. All one has to do is Just Picture It Now. It really does mean everything when finding your purpose and passion in life.

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