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JPIN Supply – What’s In a Name? (Everything)

JPIN Supply Main Header

What’s in a name? Everything – right? So why on earth would we pick JPIN Supply? We are a student of internet business and commerce. For the most part, it’s a topic that has fascinated us for years. We’ve actually researched names like Google, Amazon, and eBay. While we’re certainly not the giants of today’s […]

Veteran Team Expands To 28 Counties With Collective Goods

Veteran Team Expands To 28 Counties With Collective Goods

In 2011 Doug and Ronda Bauknight became new Independent Representatives for what was then Books Are Fun. Initially the territory consisted of 12 Counties in Northeast Georgia. They have serviced approximately 270 schools in Northeast Georgia since 2011. Now, this veteran team expands for the 2017-2018 school year, practically doubling in size. In their seventh […]

Collective Goods Bold $5000 Contest Kicks Off New Year

Win $5000 Contest - Collective Goods

The mission of Collective Goods is “Get More – Give Back”. Right out of the gate, Collective Goods is kicking off the new school year with a $5000 Contest. It’s designed in the hope that these funds can provide books for one very lucky local area school. Enter the $5000 Contest for a chance to […]

Who is Collective Goods – Exactly? (We Get It All The Time…)

Who is Collective Goods - Exactly? A Surprising Approach To Shopping.

It’s a very common question – “Who is Collective Goods, exactly?” While the name may be new to most, many may be familiar with the name Books Are Fun. While a lot has changed, including the name, many of the core people and the owners remain the same. We’re asked “Who is Collective Goods” all […]

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