Family Owned and Operated – Dedicated Do-Gooders.

How would you like the same exclusive deals we offer our local schools? That’s why we’re here, on this site.

About Us

Based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, we are the quintessential example of a small business owners, proud Fundraising Partners and Dedicated Do-Gooders with Collective Goods. (Formerly known as the artist Books Are Fun.)

As Southeast Regional Representative of the Year in 2012-2013 and Triple Crown Award Winner in 2015-2016 our core values, marketing expertise, and devotion to our customers has grown over the years. In 2017 the company profiled our business as a shining example of what a day in the life of a Collective Goods Partner looks like. In 2017-2018 Collective Goods expanded our territory, which doubled our size making us one of the largest operations in the company.

We’re proud of what we do, the products we carry, and the savings we offer (anywhere from 30% to 70% off retail prices) and this site enables us to offer those same products and savings to you! It takes a lot of work to pull off a 28 county territory – servicing more than 600 schools and small businesses every 6 weeks – but we get the job done. (Even if it requires enlisting members of our own family!)

We’re dedicated in what we do, but we also like to have fun. That’s why we’ve dubbed ourselves “Collective Goofs”.

Introducing the “Dedicated Do-Gooders” one by one – The “Collective Goofs” are…

Douglas Bauknight

Douglas Bauknight
District Manager

Doug’s work with Collective Goods spans 15 years. Doug took over the territory back in 2011 and has grown sales year after year. He enjoys being out in the field and making sure that every customer service detail is taken care of.

Ronda Bauknight - Finance Manager

Ronda Bauknight
Finance Manager

Ronda helps keep the finances in order. With over 600 schools and businesses to oversee 6 times a year, that’s no small task. She’s got a head for numbers and it’s a daily activity we’re only too happy to let her manage.

Jacob Allen

Jacob Allen
Sales Representative

Jacob brings the joy to our customers. He loads up our van and heads out each day to set up our displays in our schools which needless to say, makes our customers very happy. Proven to be an invaluable team member and always spot on. 

Desiree-Vazquez-Fudali Badge

Desiree Vazquez-Fudali
Sales Representative

Joining us in the fall of 2015, Desiree’s attention to detail and organizational skills makes her a perfect fit for our team. Known to  bring “little helpers” with her to “increase sales”.. (Major “cuteness factor”) Her daughters,don’t get paid – but they work for the great product we have.

Melissa Hazen Badge

Melissa Hazen
Sales Representative

Melissa is instrumental in helping us grow in the Spring of 2015. Joining us to help fill in the gaps when and were shes needed and a dedicated Sales Representatives. Melissa knows how to get the job done! She has an impeccable work ethic, well-organized and is extremely personable.

Brian Bauknight - Warehouse - Fulfillment

Brian Bauknight
Inventory Manager

Inventory is a vital component to what we do. With 600 schools to visit each cycle (seven times a school year) we need to manage our counts! Brian makes sure the numbers match. He also pulls orders for us from orders placed on this site, and for our next trek out to our schools.

Bryson Burchell - Warehouse - Fulfillment

Bryson Burchell
Warehouse - Fulfillment

Bryson and Brian are buds and this is Bryson’s first job. With 600 schools to visit each cycle (seven times a school year) we need the help! Bryson loads up our displays every day and pulls orders for us for our next trek out.